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by Przemysław Staniszewski

2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LCAP: Low-code keeps getting more relevant

Przemysław Staniszewski summarized the April version of the report. At the same time explaining what this Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for LCAP is. MS still in the lead. 

Power Apps


by Daniela Ciećkiewicza

Very good explanation of the Power Apps license rules. Of course, those who know know that this is a river topic, some people find in it a good scenario for a game ;). But source as you need to understand, this article by z is very helpful.

Must have to use instead of loading collections at the start. Lots of pros but cons too. I encourage you, I have already used Named Formulas in my current application.

Building in Power Appps using containers can difficult at first. For me it is still a challenge. A good exercise to practice this skill and learn how to create Side Menus.

I will return to this Gentleman often. This series for those who look for mastering skills and a bit of fun in Power Apps games.

Good to watch especially to learn things you can’t do in ForAll.

Power Automate


Comparing two SharePoint lists, adding missing items from one list to the other without using the “Apply to each” option in Power Automate. You can learn about alternative methods, such as the Filter Array action and the Contains function.

A way to deal with uploading photos to Share Point Online and use in Word, all in the new Power Automate and in collaboration with Power Apps. A good exercise to get used to the new Power Automate UI.

Sending or storing multiple files in a single operation, I save that for List.

Sending or storing multiple files in a single operation, I save that for List.

A practical tip to use in scenarios working with photos from the Dataverse.



Create a flow to categorize Excel table data by integrating with AI GPT prompts.

Webscraping using only MS Excel. Very useful tip.

Share Point Online


6 problems associated with embedding document libraries and lists into SharePoint sites.

Great use and way to format a column so that we are able to set its value to the current date at the click of a button.



Temmy accessibly describes how to perform SQL table retrieval (outside the Dataverse – using the Virtual Table mechanism) and create the simplest possible business logic.



This is the 14th day of learning with Copilot Studio with Katerina. I highly recommend her work, these are materials at a premium, especially when someone is starting out.

This level of mastering is still before me. But if you are already looking to use Copilot plugins Scott goes through 7 different types.

In summary, it came out a lot to begin with, but as I wrote earlier it may be useful now or in the future. I will use – I encourage you too and have a nice day with Power 🙂

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