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Power Girl

Cooking with Power Platform


This catchy title was thought up by members of the #Power Platform Poland group on Discord where we share our knowledge as much as we can!

For some, including me, it’s important to interact/brain storming/intersecting thoughts/inspiration or sharing enthusiasm and passion in reaching for new solutions brought by Power Platform tools and what’s happening around them, among others – hence the idea for #CookingwithPP

Thought guideline: Many different solutions can be prepared from the same ingredients of #PowerPlatform – let’s show what who has prepared at home! 😉

I invite you to participate in a series of such meetings (at least that’s the plan), which YOU and your passion/ knowledge/ experience can also help others to develop – we are there for each other, nothing by force, but as an inspiration I encourage you to actively present yourself and what you currently have on “tape”, show your “flavors”, add something to our common cauldron of thoughts, let it bubble in our kitchen, and then in our heads and hands in action 😉

And now it’s down to specifics! Here you can read what happened in S01

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